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Simply dreaming about the perfect wedding is not going to put things into place. You’ve got to make it happen. Meetings and events at The Azizaa take on new life by stirring the senses. Beautiful décor, invigoration scents, extraordinary catering, all come together to create an unforgettable experience and a meeting that means something, Our commitment to create and flawless execution means the same highly-personalized service our guests love also applies to the events we host.  Let’s turn your dream wedding into a reality No two love stories are the same, which is why wedding at The Azizza celebrate each couple’s unique story Whether you’re planning classical, contemporary or casual event, we invite you to partner with one of our professional wedding planners. Create memories with special touches

Momories are moment to be revisited, especially those that happen once in a lifetime. We invite you to experience real weddings through the eyes of guests and share unforgettable moments from wedding celebrations at Azizaa

Your special day is the unique opportunity to fashion the event of a lifetime. Memorable food and table setting are at the cente of the experience. We value and ensure meticulous planning and having every detail to your taste and vision. Outstanding food and attentive team guaranteed, We will make sure that each moment of your event is memorable.