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Aleela banquet theme is unique and famous all over Delhi. This is the only place where you will find unique kind of theme in Delhi.In this façade all themes are built in high technology with latest gadgets .One of the most important feature of this banquet hall is its Golden lighting facilities where according to party requirement one can change the lighting color .This unique feature makes Aleela unique and top-notch banquet hall in New Delhi.

Looking for a picture-perfect name which can solve all your space solutions?
Well, ALEELA is the perfect explanation you must checkout for, be it hosting an office party, planning wedding or reception or be it the birthday party you have been preparing since a year, PUSHP ALEELA is the name which will assist you with all the ripostes you are looking for.
With its four different hall, The Venetian, The Grandeur, The Murano and The Tisya, you will find the perfect space solutions you have been looking for. And how can one forget about the food of ALEELA, be it the exotic fruits or famous cuisine from around the world, ALEELA will serve you with the perfection to its core.
And how can we overlook Parking space of 450 cars at a time, asit’scertainly an add-on hard to find in most space solutions you are looking for.


Q Venetian Hall

Capacity 500
Spectacular design and commodious, The venetian is the most appropriate place for your perfect family wedding. Being located on ground floorthis hall just not provide the calmer entrance but also increases the capacity as well

Q Moreno Hall

Capacity 300

Q Grandeur Hall

Capacity 500

Q Tisya Hall

Capacity 250