• Banquets

Grandreams GTroad is inspired by Egyptian architecture, Elegance, has a charm of its own. The huge sculptures and the marshals add to the grandeur of the banquet. Its three halls, have been designed keeping in mind the magnificence of the Egyptians. The sector and interiors for The Victorian, The Elizabeth and The Alexander have specially been handpicked, making sure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to catering the guests with the ultimate luxury.


Built on the pillars of an Egyptian theme, one is taken back to the age of Romanticism. With its crystal chandeliers and gilded ceilings, The Victorian provides a captivating setting for every occasion.


The name itself speaks volumes for its might and magnificence. The Alexander exhibits grandeur in its innovative planning and creative flourishing. By providing culinary inspiration, a list of services and structured planning we aim at exceeding your expectations.


The Elizabeth inspires to turn each moment into an everlasting memory. For the greatest adventure of your life, your wedding – it creates a surreal exhibit you will cherish forever.

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